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Green Energy Drink

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Written by Carter Brown

Do you have a clue as to how much money energy shots are generating on the market these days?


Everyone knows about 5hr energy shots, but how natural is it really? It makes up 75% of energy shot/drink market. But if you’re a person like me, one who doesn’t trust anything too over hyped, then you likely are not interested in a 5hr energy shot at all.  There are a lot of acids in this stuff and its undoubtedly manufactured in a lab. I’d rather find something different, something more natural, something that packs more of a balanced nutritional punch. That’s what I’ve found in Garden of Life‘s Perfect Food RAW Energizer, it’s now my “Green Energy Drink.”

I’ve been using Perfect Food RAW Energizer as a green energy drink additives to my smoothies- also turning them into green smoothies and I’ve also been drinking it with different juice combinations, too. It tastes soooooooo good in cranberry/cherry juice! It’s also pretty good in orange juice. It’s also, above all, an easier way to get organic raw super greens into my diet b/c I’m just not bringing home tons of produce to juice or mix into smoothies. I eat my greens, but I don’t eat enough dark leafy greens, so Perfect Food helps me get more in. With nutrient dense green juices already a part of the Perfect Food RAW line up, Perfect Food RAW Energizer has gone one step further and added ingredients that are known for their energy activating properties.


What makes this an energizer?

Three unique ingredients

1. Guayaki® Yerba Mate (pronounced Matay) Yerba Mate is a South American jewel of a tea. It has caffeine & in many South American homes is preferred over coffee. Not just for its kick from the caffeine, but from a long list of health benefits as well. Its rich in antioxidants and has 90% more antioxidants than green tea. It helps with focus. It has nutritional properties to improve physical endurance in many ways. It helps with weight control and also helps in digestion.

2. Peruvian Maca I love this stuff because it works! Maca has been known for its hormone balancing properties as well as its libido increasing properties.

3. Cordyceps Mushrooms- Cordyceps has a long history of use in China as a tonic, to strengthen immunity, especially after illness. This can be an effective immune booster for cancer patients.

4. Organic African Baobab- a well known, mineral rich super fruit that has miracle healing properties. According to the National Geographic blog, the fruit “contains six times as much vitamin C as oranges, twice as much calcium as milk, and plenty of B vitamins, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, and antioxidants.” What more can I say?

There’s more in Perfect Food Energizer, too (like pomegranate juice), but these are the active ingredients in I like that also gives it the Energizer properties. Now tell me if you’d rather this or an energy shot?

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Carter Brown

I am a plant based advocate, a father, a coach to many, a certificate holder of the T. Colin Campbell Plant Based Nutrition Program, your go to guy for adopting a plant based diet and plant based cooking. I also build elaborate Urban Farming systems. Grow your own food- it will save your life!


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