Learn how to restore your health with real food you grow INSIDE your house.  

What keeps you from
eating real food?

1. Hybridization of common crops- Over the last 60 years agricutlure has been more focused on growing food fast rather than growing nutritious foods. Most vegetables contain 15%-50% less nutrition than they did 50 years ago. That's what most of us are eating. 

2. Processed Foods- It's now a way of life. Most of us are getting our nutrition from the synthetic vitamins that are added to all the processed foods we eat and drink. Without enriched foods 100% of the population would have nutrient deficiencies. 

3. No Fresh Vegetables- It's not fresh if its not local. So chances are it's coming from 1,500 miles away. That's a long ass time before your kale gets to you. By that time its almost two weeks old and 90% of the nutrition is gone. Nobody told you this- but you still think its healthy.  

Think it's a game if you want to, but real nutrition is in the freshest foods. Therefore healing yourself and your longterm health will depend on eating real, fresh foods- prefereably the ones you grow yourself.